Work Experience

Global Research Innovation and Technology (GRIT)

Cambridge, MA. June 2012 - present.

Cofounder, Chief Technology Officer Product manager overseeing production and commercialization of the Leveraged Freedom Chair and Freedom Chair, mountain bike wheelchairs that offer unparalleled mobility on rough terrain. Conducted biomechanics research at MIT, coordinated field testing in 7 countries, scaled up manufacturing in India, Taiwan, and the US, and launched product in multiple markets. Responsible for mechanical design, product architecture, intellectual property strategy, global supply chain management, quality control, customer satisfaction, product positioning and branding, marketing, team management, and business strategy. Over 3,000 customers in over 25 countries.

Democratech LLC

Cambridge, MA. June 2012 - December 2014.

Founder, Chief Executive Officer Brought the Sprout Pencil, a plantable pencil that grows into flowers and herbs, to market. Invented Sprout at MIT, coordinated intellectual property filings, ran the successful Kickstarter campaign, managed marketing, branding, contract manufacturing, and international distribution partnerships. Grew the business to over $600K in revenue in FY2014, and successfully exited (selling the company). Over 5,000,000 units shipped to over 60 countries.

Battelle Memorial Institute

Cambridge, MA. June 2012 - May 2013.

Manufacturing Engineer Associate Supported internal R&D efforts by advancing novel manufacturing strategies. Specialized in network orchestration to accomplish technology and product development. Built continuous integration testing software system for the MOOS IvP platform.

Vecna Technologies

Cambridge, MA. September 2009 - June 2010.

Robotics Engineer Worked on distributed control system design and implementation for the BEAR robot. Focused on hardware-software interaction, development tools, and abstraction. Assembled computational model of robot hydraulic system components to validate hardware operation procedures. Performed mechanical design and controls research and implementation to support robotics projects companywide. Applied to and won SBIR grants.

Vecna Technologies

Cambridge, MA. June 2008 - August 2008.

Robotics Group Intern Worked on the development team for a low-infrastructure indoor delivery robot. Designed and implemented a software framework to allow for rapid prototyping of maneuver-based robot control and offline maneuver composition/compilation within a flow-tube control policy. Utilized the framework to drive the robot through tight doorways without significant sensor input. Migrated the robotics division of the company to a LaTeX and Subversion based document management system for government grant applications.

Association for the Physically Disabled of Kenya

Nairobi, Kenya. June 1 - July 19, 2007.

MIT Public Service Center Fellowship Was granted a fellowship to further test and implement a design I conceived while taking Wheelchair Design for Developing Countries during the spring of 2007. The design allows hand-cycle users to switch between two arbitrary forward gear ratios by only changing the direction of their pedaling and is cheaper, more reliable, and easier to use than current derailleur systems in developing countries. The design is currently on sale and in production in Kenya.

Faurecia Interior Systems

Auburn Hills, MI. June - August 2006

Intern, Testing and Validation Department Helped to setup new airbag deployment laboratory: performed high speed video data acquisition, ordered and catalogued new equipment, authored binder of procedure and safety documentation. Headed a project to migrate the division of the company to a new, more efficient, specification document management system. Interfaced internationally to benchmark competitors and adopt a system developed at the company's European locations.

City of Rochester Hills

Rochester Hills, MI. May-Aug, 2003-2006.

Beachfront Lifeguard Acted as a lifeguard at Thelma G. Spencer Park. Maintained beachfront safety and enforced city policy. Awarded a citizen commendation for participation in a high profile rescue. Winner of the Michigan Lifeguard Competition in 2005 and 2006. Acted as head of the summer swim lessons program.



Familiar with use of numerical and manual machine shop tools and operations. Experienced with Solidworks. System modeling and control experience in MATLAB/Octave and Simulink.


Experienced in basic digital and analog circuit design and brushless motor control.


Extensive programming and software design experience in Java. PIC programming experience in C and assembly. Modeling experience in MATLAB/Octave. Experience with Python and Scheme.


Experienced with the Robot Operating System (ROS) on the PR2, the CARMEN robotics toolkit, the LCM message passing framework, the OpenCV vision library, CANopen networks, and embedded development for Microchip PICs and the Arduino platform.